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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

livivng life

This is something I really should have started just over a week ago. The day we got told 4-6weeks to live for my 26 year old sister. Ya know, then I could have told a story about the ominous way it was said, and how the whole floor of the hospital became silent and the only thing you could hear was the ticking of the clock, but really that would be bull. None of that happened.
But here is a brief run down of how did happen and all that went one for the following days....

It was a Friday, when the doctor was finally not too busy to talk to us and tell us just what was going on. Friday, as in 3 full days since we went to the ER, with her throwing up and slurring her words, and unable to walk unassisted. During those 3 days she spent the entire time in a bed sleeping, and sleeping and then sleeping some more. When he told us that the tumor (the 2nd principle tumor) a glioblastomia, was back after just 4weeks after he removed it, we wanted to schedule another surgery right way. That would have made brain surgery number 5. Yup, you read that right FIVE!

Once, Danielle made the decision to not have surgery and we agreed. We were done with the neuro "god", or maybe he was done with us....we have no heard from him since. We left the hospital with Danielle, a few hours later. That was the day that my life changed from "living life" to "surviving death".

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