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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 to 7

Today was a bad day. A VERY BAD DAY.

This morning she made it to the table and had breakfast. Well she started breakfast and didn't finish her first helping of cereal. Not finishing her breakfast is a sign that it will be a bad day. Remember me tell you about how much she eats?

Oh crap gotta call hospice, be right back....don't go anywhere...because I will be back before you even finish reading this sentence. Ya know the power of a blog and not a phone conversation or even IM! LOL

See I am back, and you didn't even notice.

By 12:15-ish when my aunt and cousin arrived with lunch we had not heard one peep from Danielle. She slept through the kids playing and new voices, and even us eating-so really through lunch. It was probably around 1 when Mom woke her up. It took almost 3 full minutes for Dani to be able to turn herself over in her bed and be able to get up. Then it would take nearly 5 mins to "walk" (and by walk I mean not fall) to the door of her room. At that point we just took her back to her bed and brought lunch to her. She wanted to eat herself, but kept missing her mouth with the pizza. As soon as was done eating she was asleep...

Around 6pm we had to wake her up again to eat dinner. This time she was worse then at lunch. Could not feed herself at all alone. But man did she want to! Mom said (Mom was home today! and got to spend the day with Dani!) that she was determined to it herself. So Mom just guided her hand. She hardly ate...Less then my 3 year old even.
There is a really great timeline that is published in several places about the final stages of life. And it is just a guideline, but according to it, she is looking at approximately 5-7 days. Only time and God will tell.

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  1. I'm so sorry, Ashlee. That is just such horrible news. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Especially Dani as she enters this final stage of life. May she know peace.